Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Mary Winkler May Testify Wednesday"

Mary Winkler may or may not take the stand Wednesday morning.

Mary Winkler’s psychologist took the stand Tuesday, making disturbing testimony.

The psychologist testified that Mathew Winkler would force Mary to perform explicit sexual acts against her will.

Dr. Lynn Zager said, "She said he did not stop and that raised concerns that perhaps it would hurt her, hurt her body. He made some comment that she could have surgery to fix it."

Dr. Zager also testified that Mathew tried to stop the couple’s then one-year-old daughter from crying by covering her face. D

r. Zager said, "Putting his hands over her nose and the baby’s mouth to keep her from crying and she described how Mathew had done that their other children when they were babies."

Mary's adopted sister Tabitha Freeman said the couple would often plan trips to see them, but cancel at the last minute.

She said, "We were upset that we had not been seeing her, and we told Matt about it, and he called the children together and told us that Mary wasn't our sister anymore and that we should never expect her to be there for us ever again."

The psychologist also testified that Mary Winkler suffered from mild depression and post-traumatic stress disorder from her childhood.

She said Mary's mental illness got worse with the abuse.

The psychologist said Mary could not have planned or intended to commit a crime because of the mental illness.

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